The Wudu Washing Station was a conceptual proposal for a new product which is very much needed in the Muslim world. In Islam, the believer is required to pray 5 times a day. Before each pray he must wash and prepare for it. Typically the worshiper is using any water source in order to wash up. He needs to wash the hands, feet, face and head. When not in a Mosque area, one will use any sink and faucet for the wash, and the environment is getting all wet. Our client was asking us to design a seat which will be placed in hotels, schools and other public areas which will accommodate the seating in front of a faucet and will collect all the water which typically is splattering all around. We design this seat to have a drain hole on the bottom, when the user is sitting in front of the faucet, and the use is easy, intuitive and clean.


  • Industrial Design
  • Ideation