We provide a wide range of design and engineering services to a wide range of industries. Check us out and see if there is anything we can service you for.

We are Product People

With more than 16 years in the art of Product Design, Engineering & Development, we know that when one is looking to get his/her idea to the market or when a manufacturer is looking to design a brand new product, we will provide extra ordinary award winning product design result.



We offer our clients a comprehensive turnkey product design & engineering solutions. We listen, understand your needs and deliver easy to manufacture and cost effective products.

Definitely one of the most creative team I have worked with – Founder & CEO of BuildingLink.com



With every new product design and development task we treat each phase of the design program with the utmost professionalism and seriousness. We rely on the information collected and generated in the previous phase, and implement additional changes as needed. This phase by phase program proves itself with all of the products  developed by Vertex in the past 16 years.

Product Spec.

We will collect all relevant information about the product we are about to design. Ask all the right questions and generate a Product Spec document to be used as a guide.

Conceptualization & Ideation

In this phase our creative team will come up with few design options for the product. Production method, material selection, and preliminary part design will be defined. We will offer great award winning designs to choose from.


All mechanical engineering and electrical engineering tasks will get done in this phase. Each part will be designed appropriately to fit the production method selected. Sub-assemblies and top level assemblies will get defined.


In this phase we will create a fully functional great quality prototype based on all the data collected and all the engineering generated in previous phases. This prototype will be used to evaluate the design, learn about ways to perfect it even more, change what is needed to get changed and clients often use it for promotion and marketing.

Engineering Documentation

We will create and document all parts and assemblies to be used in production. All necessary information about materials, colors, textures and BOM will be provided to the chosen vendor for smooth transition to production.

Vendor Liason

If needed we will find, communicate and be the Liason to the vendors on behalf of our clients. Any question from the vendors will be answered, parts will be inspected and production will be as streamlined as possible with our input.

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